American Football

Auch unter dem Begriff «Rasenschach» bekannt verbirgt sich hinter der brutalen Maske des Sports ein System mit viel Kniff, Taktik und Regeln. Im Anhang findest du eine kurze Erläuterung der Grundregeln. Die verschiedenen Spielzüge und Begrifflichkeiten werden im Training erklärt und sind in unserem Playbook aufgelistet. Dabei ist es wichtig, dass du regelmässig im Training erscheinst. Wichtig: Wenn du etwas nicht kennen solltest oder etwas nicht verstehst – frag deine Coaches! Lieber du fragst einmal als es zehnmal falsch zu machen.

Und so funktionierts:

The Field:

The Fieldgoal:

The field is 100 yards (=91.44 meters) long and has an End Zone on each end of the field. Behind each End Zone there is a so-called Field Goal, as pictured above.

The Game:

The game is 4 quarters of 15 minutes each. There are always 11 players of one team’s Offense and 11 player of the other team’s Defense on the field. The Offense gets 4 Downs (Tries) to cover 10 yards on the field. If they reach those 10 yards within the 4 Plays, they get another set of 4 Downs for another 10 yards until they get the ball in the opponent’s End zone. Should the Offense not have been able to cover the 10 yards at the end of the 4th Down, the ball is handed over to the opponent and the team’s Defense gets on the field.

To set the point where the Offense starts, there is a Kick Off at the start of every halftime and after every score. The defending team kicks the ball from their own 35-yard line into the other team’s territory, where it gets the chance to return the ball as far as possible. From the point the ball carrier was wrestled down their offense will start the field. Similar to the Kick Off, the Offense can decide to kick the ball instead of playing the 4th Down in order to let the other team start as far away from their own End Zone as possible – this is called Punt.

The Players:

  • Offense/Defense:
  • Special Team: These are Players who take the field for both teams when there is a Kick Off or Punt.

The Plays:

Before every play all the offensive and defensive player, separately come together in a huddle as to discuss the tactics for the next play. The play starts with the Center handing the ball between his legs to the Quarterback. He then either hands the ball to a Runningback for a Run play or throws the ball to a Receiver for a Pass play.

  • Pass: If the pass is not caught the play is over and the Offense starts the next Down from the same spot – this is called an Incomplete Pass. If the Receiver catches the ball, he can try to run until he is tackled to the ground, which will be the point from where the Offense starts their next Play.
  • Run: As with the complete pass, the Runningback will try, after he gets the ball from the Quarterback, to run as far as possible until he is wrestled down. The Offense starts its next play from the spot where the Runningback hit the ground.

The Points:

  • Touchdown: If the ball is carried into the End Zone or caught in the End Zone,the result of the play is a Touchdown, which means 6 points! After every Touchdown, the team gets a chance on getting extra points.
    • Point After Touchdown (PAT): +1 point if the Team kicks through the uprights of the Field Goal from the 15-yard line.
    • Two Point Conversion: +2 points if the team gets the ball into the End Zone again with just one try from the 2-yard line.
  • Field Goal: The Offense can decide to surrender their chance for a Touchdown and instead try to kick the ball through the uprights from their current location on the field. If they “split the uprights”, they get half a Touchdown: 3 points.
  • Safety: If an offensive player is tackled down with the ball in his own End Zone the defending Team gets 2 points and the ball – you do not want that!

The Flags:

In Football there are no yellow cards or free kicks. Instead, if there is a penalty on the play the referee signalizes the penalty by throwing a yellow flag. Several referee – there are 7 of them – can throw their flags on the same play. After the play, the penalties are imposed in yards against the flagged team. Penalties of different teams can cancel each other out and there is only one penalty imposed at the time.

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